Saturday, June 28, 2003
Today is 7th of Tir (according to Iranian calendar). About 20 years ago in this day, Shahid Beheshti, have been killed in the Republic Party Office (Iran's first party after 1979 revolution), by the Monafeghin Terrorist group (the group that arrested by France police nowadays).
He was not the first nor the last one who have been killed by Monafeghin.
For years some western government, specially USA, support this terrorist group, because they fight against Islamic government in Iran.
So who is supporting terrorism, Iran or ....?!?

Wednesday, June 25, 2003
woooooow, A new game from western NEWS emperor. CNN, Reuters.

And we, as Iranian blogger community, want to show our petition.
Please see and sign!
Tuesday, June 24, 2003
Some days ago I've got an Email from Maria Brant, a reporter from Brazilian newspaper "Folha de S. Paulo" (eerrrr, the web site is all spanish, i dun understand, even a word!!), the largest one in Brazil, as she claimed.

She wrote they want to publish an special report on Iranian youth in their newspaper, she added: "We intend to make a kind of X-ray of Iranian youth, to learn about their daily life, their beliefs, their tastes etc",
and follow, there are some diferent questions. from personal questions, like "what sort of music you like", to political ones like "Would you like Iran to be a democracy?"...., an interesting point for me, was that, i found her English is as good as me, she use simple word to make her senetnces, and simple sentences too!!!!
I replied her questions, but i asked her, send me a copy of report, if she want to publish my ideas. i dun know will she or not.

I write about her in my Farsi blog too, there r different reactions, some friends advise me to take care of the foreign reporter, and some joking me to have interview with a foreign newspaper!!!
Monday, June 23, 2003
Clair tell me, some how, she likes to learn Farsi.
So I thought, it should be a good idea to start teaching Farsi, isn't it?
If it is, pls let me know too. It will be important for me, if I continue teaching Farsi or not.

For first lesson, I say some general rules.
Farsi, is one of the rare language in the world that is written from right to left.
Farsi's character stick together to make a word. But words are separate. And this cause, a characters has different faces. a character can stick to the other characters that come, before or after it. Sticking to one of them, or both of them, makes a bit change in its shape.
So a character can have 4 different shape,
1. not stick, stand alone
2. stick to the previous character
3. stick to the next character
4. stick to both, previous and next character.

Don't worry is not that hard, that it seems.

Tuesday, June 17, 2003
The protest is reaching to its last days, without any special result for us.
Our final exams had been canceled, and will be held at the end of the summer holidays, just before the new semester begin. Is so bad news for us.

One of the reason that I wasn't agree with the protest from the early days, was the probability of canceling the exams and changing their time, and unfortunatly it happened.

A simple benefit to cost analyze shows that the one who lose was students.

yes, that is the end of the radical movement. is what I believe, it was a radical movement.
I know many of student are disagree with my point of view but i'm almost sure it is the right one.
Saturday, June 14, 2003
Again protest in University!!

Today was the first day of protest in our university, K.N.T univeristy.
also today was the first day for our final exams.
today's exams has been canceled, and student want to cancel all the exams in the corrent week, too.

In Iran if u want to go to uni. u should pass a hard Entrance Exams.
all yr, about 2 milion high school student take part in the Uni. entrance exam but just about 300,000 of them can enter the university, so it is a hard competetion and just the top student can win in this game.

But some days ago, the parliment put a law that people can pay the money and enter the university without any entrance exam. you should pay about 1200 USD for every term. in iran this is so much money. in iran a good annual income is about 3000 USD. so just so rich people can enter uni. in this way!

because of it the student start the protest against this law.
but there is some hands that want to make this protest a protest again the government and make it a political protest!

ooooooof, is too hard to write in english!!!
i think my english is a bit weak!
Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Is more than 6 month I'm bloging in Farsi and now i decide to start my english blog.
You can find my Farsi blog address in the last post.
There is not many people in iran who blog in english.

well i'm not so familiar with Blog Spot.
I'm using Persian Blog system for my farsi blog, it is all in farsi and i dun have any problem with it, but i think I need time to be familiar with this English Blogger.

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