Friday, July 25, 2003
Thanks to Amir from IranReloaded, that give a link to me and guide some reader to my blog.
His blog is in German, thx to google online translator, I can understand something from his blog. I wish we know each other more.

Zahra Kazemi, with Iranian-Canadian identity, died while she was arrested by Iran's police.
A 18 years old Iranian boy killed in Canada by the police.

Ahhh, I hate politics. In politics everything is dark. The truth is always hidden. Each side claims he is telling the truth. And you don't know wat is the real truth. Some times after a long time observation you understand the truth is another thing that both side try to hide it.
Can you find any honest politician in wordls history?
Yes it can be find, but so so rare!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2003
Hoder always says, people who live in foreign countries dun have the right view to Iranian people and to Iran.
I think he just minds about political subject. but what about cultural, religious and social subjects??
Specially cultural. I think Iranian culture is very different from all other countries.
A great spiritual ( is it a right word??) dependency to the family (father, mother, brother and sister) even after marriage and even during old ages, is something that I have been, just in Iranian culture.
Or powerful emotions that I just see between Iranians. (a recent example is Lale and Ladan story)

I really want to know, if such cases can be found in other cultures too?!

Islam and specially Shiite has great influence on our culture. And also our Iranian culture has the great influence on Shiite culture too. Iran had great culture before Islam and Islam is a great culture too, and I think combination of these cultures make our Iranian culture a unique one.
Saturday, July 12, 2003
Well, sometimes there is lots of case in ur mind that u can talked about them for hours and sometimes like now there is nothing in your mind to tell!!! Why??
I'm not a good writer, but I heard from good writer that they always have a pen and paper with themselves and as soon as somethings comes to their mind they catch it by their pen and paper, so it remain for them. Hehe, maybe I should do the same.

I'm waiting for Antonello, to publish the interview. I'm really want to know wat will be the reaction of the interview reader. I dun know where he want to publish it or when, but I just want to know wat is the readers reaction to it. Does it have any positive influence on Italian view to Iran.

Tuesday, July 08, 2003
Antonello's interview take a lot of time of me. I almost spend all of the time I specified for writing here, to answer his questions. He emailed me some questions about Iran and corrent problems in Iran, and I give him a complete answer. It take about 3 days of my time.
if you know how hard it is to write your idea in a different language. The first problem is that, there are some different word for the same meaning, but the place and situation you should use them is different, and bacause we learn English from the books, we can't understand where exactly a word should be use.
I answered all his questions, but still, i didn't send him the answer email. I want to make a review of my answers when my brain get abit calm, and then send his reply.

Thanks to Antonello that let me to talk with Italian people. I hope they hear my voice and know the Iran as it really is, not the Iran that draw by News media.

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