Friday, August 29, 2003
SAIRI`s Ayatollah Hakim martyred in Najaf

Secretary General of the Supreme Assembly of
the Islamic Revolution of Iraq (SAIRI) Ayatollah Mohammad Baqer Hakim
was martyred Friday in the Iraqi city of Najaf, AFP reported from
Tehran. (IRNA)

Iraqi Shia leader killed
A local doctor told the BBC 80 people were killed and 100 injured in the bomb which blew up near the Tomb of Ali in the central Iraqi city, one of the holiest shrines for Shia Muslims. (BBC)

Saturday, August 23, 2003
Well, my last semester final exam will start at Monday!
No mood for studying at all!
The protest doesn't have any special result, just it make problem for student like me!!

Student wrong decision, and worse than that, the universitie's foolish decision, for changing the exams time, make this problem for me. Not just for me, everyone I talk to, have the same!!
Freedom (continue)

Yes, freedom means the ability to choose.
But wat is the next step?
If u choose something then u should follow the laws!
If u choose to go to swimming-pool u should wear ur swimsuit, u can't say I want to jump into water with my coat!
Or if u choose to visit the church in Rome, u should know that u can't sit on the church's step!!!
Or if u choose to live in Singapore u shouldn't drop ur trash in the street!

Another case:

If u see some one choose a wrong thing wat will u do?
For example, u see some one on the top of the tall building, and he is going to jump down!
Do u stain and look at him and say with urself "yes, he is free, he choose to kill himself, so I shouldn't make problem for him" or u run into him and try to change his mind and try to make him understand that his decision is wrong?
Wednesday, August 06, 2003
What is freedom?

The ability to choose? Or the ability to control?
Or no, letting it to be wat ever happens?

When u r hungry:
1. have wat ever u see and u wanted to eat
2. control ur food in a way that u gain the necessary calories without having unneeded fats.
Which one is freedom?

When u r sad, angry or disappointed:
1. go to bar and drink as much as u can, until u forget everything.
2. sit back, think to the root of wat cause this sadness and get enough experience ,so next time u dun face to the same problem.
Which one is freedom?

Tonight is ur friends birthday, but tomorrow u have an important exam:
1. never mind about tomorrow exam, lets dance.
2. never mind about party, and go to ur room for studying.
Which one is freedom?

Let ur instinct control ur actions or u control ur instinct to act on the appropriate time and manner? In the other hand, You control your instinct or your instinct control you???

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