Tuesday, December 16, 2003
Last week I went to Zanjan. A city in north west of Iran. Zanjanies are mostly Turk and they speak Turkish. The Turkish they speak is a bit different with the one Turkey's people talk, but is still Turkish and I don't understand anything.
The weather was so cold, and it penetrates into your bones!!! It was shiny, but at the same time you can see snow flakes in the air. When I ask the native people about the shiny sky and snow, I understand the snow is coming from the mountains that are around the city. The mountains are covered with snow, the powerful wind brings the mountains snow to the city and it seems it is snowy!!

Monday, December 15, 2003
Don know why, but I don't have any special feeling when he arrested, Even when I see him while the American doctor is examining his body.
It seems like a game A game that lost for 7~8 month. Or maybe 20~30 years. That the result in obvious from the first!! They gave him the power, themselves, and they finished his power, themselves too. It was US that let him to escape, and now, they must find him, themselves.
But, what about now?! Will US let him to tell the truth?? All the truth?! To tell what he had been done in Iran war?! To tell how he gained his weapons, his power?! Who let him to use even mass destruction weapons in the war?! To tell what he had been done with Iranians?! To tell what he had been done with Iraqi shias and his oppositions?!
The gave him the power themselves, and they give back it themselves, they let him to escapee and again, they find him, themselves….
So surely they will tell him, to talk about which subjects, and not to talk about which subjects.
Yes, it’s the American justice.
Saturday, December 13, 2003
Ebadi is getting her Nobel price, in Oslo:

Ebadi is an Iranian Muslim woman, who win a well know international price. And it is an honorable for all Iranians.
Me, as an Iranian Muslim man, when I see she doesn't respect to what millions of us (Iranians) believe to (I mean Hijab), her price loses its value in my eyes.

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