Tuesday, September 07, 2004
a good motive!
whenever I read proshat's blog, I feel like to write here too. she is Iranian but her English is very good, when I read her blog I feel a native English write those sentences.

when blogger announce that it will let blogger users to put google's ads in their blog, the money lover part of my brain start working, to write here more seriously and increase my visitors so I can earn some money. but at the same time the money hating part of my heart start working and tell me the goal og earning money by writing a blog is not a good goal at least for him!!
and u know, in the war between heart and brain, the winner is heart, always!!

My Persian blog is discovered by some of my near friends and some of close relatives. so I can't write easily, like wat I did before, over there. really dun know why we (Iranians) like anonimuty very much. as for me, I dun like people ask me for explanation about wat I have been written in my blog, that why I dun like it have been discovered by people who know me in real world.

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